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Vithura V ASOK (On that Street | Certificate of Excellence)


The great Poet sang about THE ROAD NOT TAKEN,
It was years, years ago. I too often confused,
Which road to be taken, whether the Frosty one ?
The road full of dry leaves, not taken by many ?
Roads, roads, around me, not one or two,
To add my woes, three hundred and sixty,
One road each opening at each degree.

At a fragile moment, I opted this one,
Tempted by the fragrance of her foot-prints !
Not even a single rose, but full of thorns only.
Neither tempted further, nor tired any how,
Finally I reached this street, at an evening twilight,
Where flash-lights, like fire-flies, wink and flood,
And the way-farers, to and fro, all in rush.

This junction, not my ultimate destination,
But “full of sounds and furies”, all feel merry,
Drinking beers, dancing cheers, sharing joys.
My journey, no my pilgrimage destined,
Not to any holy places, but to this jolly junction,
Where I feel elated and blessed than any where,
No abode, no wine will make me so fine, so merry.


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