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Vincente A. Valdez Jr. (Category-Article) (Grandmom’s Tales | Certificate of Appreciation)

An old matriarch is always the inspiration where we are nourished with wisdom, wit, educational endeavor, family qoutes and stories with moral values. Predominantly strict and sometimes overly protective when it comes to the issues with his family.
A loving grandmother as we call their ultimate love for the children. Like anyone says a grandmother always spoiled their grandchildren not the same attention on their children. They said that having your own grandchildren is like having extraordinary feelings, beong overprotective, spoiling them at any cost. Children run towards their grandma to seek for help when their parents are giving them punishment for the wrongdoings they have done and grandma give the rescue, this situation was a memory of me when I was a child. I used to sleepover to my grandmas house just ti get what I wanted. Foods and brand new shoes and so on. I loved her narrative stories about kingdoms, the mermaids that join procession during Holy Week, the funny stories about the poeple of the mountain and the most was teaching me how to sing children song like “Shoo Fly ” and ” Negritos of the Mountain”. And requested me to recite a poem where she gave me price for giving a very excellent rendition of ” When I grow Up “.

Grandma preached about being a good child, believing Jesus who saved us from sin. We prayed together, going to mass ever Sunday. And after the mass, we went to the park to let me play with children, we often go to the beachfront to have a fresh air and watched the sunset with my cousins. The tired of strolling, we passed by an Icecream Parlor and I had my favorite mango nanka flavor. Its almost a week during summer vacation that I enjoyed my grandma’s tales. It was a very memorable one, as if I don’t want to leave my grandma alone when my parent took me home. With my grannie , I was somewhat special to her. I missed her whenever I’m home, she was in my dream always. I was very thankful for having a nice grannie who loves me very much.

A Grandma’s tales set forth the highest respect for kids and just because they are at their primetime of their lives, it will be traumatic to kids watching them pass away.

Vicente A. Valdez Jr

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