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Vince Valdez (Category-Short Story) (My First Love| Certificate of Excellence)


First love if not exciting then it becomes a tale to be remembered when you are already settled. As a budding teenager, Daniel is a free spirited person, friendly and full of life. His parents are very strict and conservative. They instructed him to study well and be a professional someday. Love can wait as they always remind him while away to study in the city to become an Engineer. They wanted him to be as smart as his grandfather who was a dedicated figure in the field of engineering. For him is not a problem because he inculcated in his mind that he had dreams of being a professional and reach the world of success through his endeavor, dedication and serious studies .

One day, while he was studying in the library, he noticed a young lady on the other side of the table near him. He presumed she’s familiar to him and constantly seen her in his hometown . Since life in the province is hard, for him is occupied by his studies and works in the farm, he really didn’t give attention to talk to someone as his parents never allowed him and his siblings to party or even go to movies with friends. But this lady is familiar to him. They both went to the same school in elementary and high school.

“Hello!’, said Daniel. “Hi!”, greeted the lady. ” If I’m not mistaken, we were townmates.” he questioned. “I’ m Daniel, what’s yours?”, insisted the young gentleman.

” Just call me Rose”, she smiled religiously.

The conversation was short as they

were in the library at that time. But that was not the case. When Rose were about to go home, he waited for her and the odd of being strangers before became an intense acquaintance .

Daniel’s parents were in the province and they wouldn’t see how they could be together. Their togetherness change his perspective to follow his parents advice. They met each other as they were both student in the same institution. And they found out that they were liking each other. Dating and attending parties started until the leak of their relationship was known by his parents and the same is through with Rose too. Both parties object their love relationship.

It was semestral break , Daniel and Rose had to go home to attend the All Saints Day celebration in their province -a holiday feastivity being observed every year for the death of relatives or love ones. Daniel was invited to visit the house of Rose while he was through the request of Rose’s

At the residence of Rose, Daniel met the parents of Rose and it so happened that my father was there too. They talk to him telling that they are relatives. As if Daniel never heard anything from them and he ignored their presence but he couldn’t go to Rose too to show his presence. He couldn’t talk. Rose knew about our relative issue. From the mouth of his father , it is obvious for them to have a relationship

At home the father of Daniel pulled the gun on him. He said that he won’t be going back to the city anymore to enrol for the next semester just to get rid of Rose from him. He objected but to no avail. Rose called to him telling the sad news that their parents talked about them, of their ongoing relationship. The problem did exist and Daniel was so sad about their short term enjoyment. But they agreed not to change. Their love won’t be cut as nobody knows their agreement. Since internet is already open to everyone, they communicated on Facebook on virtual talk. Nobody knows that theyhave still their passion for each other. Until they graduated without hassles. They got jobs and work abroad, Rose went to United States to be a foreign Registered Nurse working in Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital and Daniel, worked in Saudi Ogre as a consultant Engineer. They both have a successful career. Their parents didn’t notice about their long distant relationship . Until one day they were informed that Rose petitioned Daniel in United state on a fiancee Visa. They got married and the parents knows that they are very distant relative ,so they gave their blessing. The first love that never change no matter what. And now they have their offsprings, a boy and a girl and living independently happy together at last.

Vicente A. Valdez Jr


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