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Ven-Lyn A. Valdez (Category-Short Story) (Language | Certificate of Appreciation)

Before I Speak

Once there was an orphan boy named Akmad, who could hardly speak English who came to the city for the first time along with his foster parents. Since everything was new to him, they warned him not to leave by their side without permission knowing that he could not speak english very well. At first, he was a little bit confused on what he had witnessed. The tall buildings and even what people are wearing at that city even though at school these things have been taught or maybe he missed it. Akmad has a very idle personality about attending school. He used to cut classes and spend more time on playing, maybe that’s the reason why learning came very poor on him.

As they were strolling along the crowded street, he accidentally got separated and lost. Akmad was worried because aside from he could not speak English, he could hardly read the signs and understood what was all about. Out of great worry and sadness he could no longer find them. He walked in circles until he courageously asked someone if he understood his language, so he could ask them to help him. Sadly, they could not. For hours he was tired of finding his foster parents until he sat on the corner and started to cry. Many people saw him until the policemen approached him.When he looked at them, he noticed that along with them were his foster parents who were worried looking for him. He was happy when he reunited with them.
The moral lesson of the story : We must study hard and must stay at school, so when situations like that happened, we know what to do and best to learn English, too!

Language is very important.It is the bridge to achieve success.

Ven-Lyn A. Valdez





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