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Vandana Oke (Category-Short Story) (Dreams of a Bride | Certificate of Appreciation)

She looked gorgeous in the intricately embroidered silk lehenga and her bridal look was accentuated even more by the matching red dupatta, adorned with golden beads and lace, which she delicately pinned over her hair. She wanted to look perfect on her big day.

Her family’s hunt for a perfect match ended with Punit who was tall, rich and handsome. Shikha wanted a grand wedding and that’s what her loving wealthy family gave her, and today, her happiness knew no bounds.

All the rituals and celebrations were over and it was time for Shikha’s ‘bidai’.
She thought she would not weep or cry on the happiest day of life, but to her surprise, she was squalling like a baby while hugging her mom, dad and brother.
She had never imagined that leaving her beloved house would be so awful.

When she finally sat with Punit in the car to leave for her new ‘home’ , she had a strange joyful feeling. Even though she knew Punit’s family fairly well now, still there were some unrestrained emotions which surrounded her. She was anticipating her new life in the new house … which she has to make into her loving caring ‘home’. She remembered what her dad told her, “Shikha beta, you come back to our home anytime if you feel for sure that your inlaws or Punit are not worthy of the love, respect and affection that you shall give them. And I hope and pray beta, that day shall never dawn.”
With gleaming eyes she looked at Punit and smiled as he took her hand and kissed it gently.
✍️©️Vandana Oke

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3 Comments on “Vandana Oke (Category-Short Story) (Dreams of a Bride | Certificate of Appreciation)

  1. Beautiful presentation of a girl’s emotion and feelings ❤️❤️❤️… keep writing always as you are reaching hearts of people with your penned thoughts💖

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