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Sujata Chatterjee (Category-Poem) (A Special message for My Dad | Certificate of Appreciation)

A childhood hero, a bond so strong
He taught me right and he taught me wrong
I would look up to him in admiration anew
I passed through the years, as up I grew.

He could solve any sum, any problem in Math
His temper was benign, he knew no wrath
His patience and affection was always overflowing
My face with pride was always so glowing.

As an infant I would always cuddle up to him
We both made a lovely team
Any handcraft in school, I would turn to my dad
He would support me with vigour and dedication that he had.

My untold wishes were fulfilled by my dad
He would make me smile whenever I was sad
Every little thing showed that he did care
His hard work, sacrifice were the boons he would bear.

With tenderness, he nursed my wounds that were deep
His soft caress did often put me to sleep
He would make me count the blessings like stars
He would take me for a walk in the moon and the Mars.

I would walk holding his fingers, so stout and sure
My steps would be strong and love so pure
He would pick me up, when I stumbled and fell.
O father, dear, always in my heart, you dwell.

Sujata Chatterjee

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