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Subhashchandra B.Adhav (Morning in the woods | Certificate of Excellence)

Be it tomorrow, yesterday or today
Morning always brings special gift everyday
Every morning elevates my mood
However escalates it, the morning in the woods

Beauty is supple,beauty is fickle
Morning Beauty does stunning miracle
However Beauty of Morning in the woods
Takes us to an aesthetic pinnacle

Lush green leaves and their thicket
I wish my eyes could come out of socket
To savour charm of plants and their sway gentle
A visionary feast to the eye mental

Descends on woods, morning sweet
To add to her sweetness birds gleefully tweet
Joy of birds know no bounds
Lively woods is filled with mirth abound

Beauty and ecstasy go hand in hand
They display their versions as if they wave magic wand
Some scarlet, orange leaves show presence colourful
Birds hop over them with spirit full

Though pond murky, marshy; solace to birds
Morn in the woods show entirely different world
I wish my word could become bird and sit atop the tree
And sing glory of, “morn-woods” watching spree !!


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