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Sonia Sethi (Sound of the rain Contest | Veteran Poets Of UBI)

Drops of rain falling down,
Create a lovely melody.
The orchestra is set, and
Poetry is born.

The cool breeze against my face,
I relax and enjoy the heavenly grace.
Little streams from the skies grey,
Fall to the music the rain plays.

I raise my chin, and
let the gentle silver drops,
Kiss and comfort my senses,
Weary of mundane.

To the rhythm of its own music, the rain dances,
Untethered, but careful of the nuances.
The lightning and the thunder,
Become its dancing partners.

The air, so fresh with the first rain,
The baked earth is relieved of pain.
Life breathes everywhere,
Now, no reason for despair.

From dust it rises,
To dust it falls.
Tis the essence for,
The continuance of life, for all.

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5 Comments on “Sonia Sethi (Sound of the rain Contest | Veteran Poets Of UBI)

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      very nice writeup.the best description in the simplest language.touches the heart.stress reliever.May God bless u with more n more ideas day by day.👌👌🤗🤗

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