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Sonia Sethi (By The Sea Contest | Certificate of Participation)

By the sea….

Holding hands we walked by the seaside,
You cracked me up, until I cried.
Under the moonlit sky, many moons ago,
The sea echoing with our cascading laughter.

Making promises to stay by each other’s side,
Watching our footprints fade away by the tide.
The waves hitting the shore and leaving a clean slate,
Beautiful designs and castles for us to create.

I walk the beach and see the changing shores,
I look around for memories, left behind.
The sea still crashes on the rocky jetties,
It must have washed away the memories.

Only traces are the ones etched in my memory,
Otherwise, it is a long forgotten story.
You promised me life and beyond,
All you gave me but, was reason to despond.

The gulls still laugh, the waves still hit the shore,
But there is a vast difference between now and yore.
We are two shores now, that shall never meet,
The distance created with time, as vast as the sea.


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