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Slavka Božović | Teachers Day-2020

When a trace of time and a dear character is imprinted in a child’s heart, then eternal images remain that we flip through with nostalgia and remember details, while a longing for the beautiful irreversible moments of that time sparkles in the eye. So it is with the memories of the first steps of going to school, the first meetings with the teacher, the school desk, the first letters illegibly written in a specially designed notebook, numbers, the meeting with a large wooden school computer that stood in the corner of the classroom as a soldier. they were the size of a child’s hand, painted with cheerful colors, school bags, blackboards, chalk, sponges and all the challenging things and objects of that time……Maybe all that would not have been so impressive, if my dear teacher, the late Dragan Jovanić, had not left extremely beautiful, noble impressions and memories to remember. Although almost fifty years have passed, I remember with deep reverence his character and deeds that left an impression, not only on me, but on all generations of students, he instilled knowledge, education and respect, so I can proudly say that not only he was a great teacher, he was also an educator, a parent and a great friend…….
So, those were the happy times of the seventies, when there were no special differences between the children, and the only thing we competed in was who would write homework better and tidier and learn the assigned lessons. My noble teacher, in addition to the diary, brought a smile to the classroom every morning, with a warm caring look that knew in an instant how to embrace us all and illuminate the space of the old impeccably arranged classroom with a special warmth. In those happy times, rural schools were crowded with a large number of students, and teachers usually came from other backgrounds. I remember my teacher living in the city and despite the fact that he traveled by bus every morning to our nearby village,arrived on time and before the school bell rang. Even in the rain and sun, snow and blizzard, and that he was never late, let alone missed school, so he was professional, conscientious and responsible, which confirmed the title of an excellent teacher. Although he was of medium height, in our eyes he was a giant. A tireless, careful and above all respectable man. He knew with children. Thus, with his gentle nature, he captured our little hearts and, despite the fact that he demanded “little people” from us, as he mercifully called us, he called for precise and orderly performance of student duties.
I remember that he always carried “black” candies in his right pocket, a dark blue jacket, so he knew how to reward one candy for every correct answer, with an excellent grade. And now that I remember those moments, it seems to me that I have never eaten sweeter and tastier candies.
He knew how to adapt to all ages and in his own way he solved our small student outbursts and mischief, with warm conversations, without any repressive measures.
I remember one of my sublime sentences engraved in my soul, which he uttered almost every day: “Dear children, only with effort, order and discipline can we overcome all difficulties and successfully solve all the tasks before us” and finally from that, the golden advice would followed by a note: “I hope, dear children, that you understand me!”
Respecting and listening to him, we progres. My dear and esteemed teacher, he has very successfully educated a large number of generations of students. And this is confirmed by the fact that many of us, in addition to being honest people, have become exemplary citizens, doctors, professors, writers, academics, … and our activities and importance greatly contribute to the progress and prosperity of today’s society .. .sed very well, even though we were not even aware of it at the time.
But regardless of what has been said and it is too well known, that every beginning is difficult, I would not say or I do not remember enough that at least for me it was like that, because with the right teacher and friend, all difficulties are easily overcome.
I loved going to school, so much so that every school holiday would make me very sad and I could hardly wait for it to end so that I could get in line with my peers again. Although my dear teacher, unfortunately, settled in heaven too soon, he left a deep and bright mark in my heart and soul.In addition to education, he taught me how to take firm and bold steps in life and through tasks to swim through challenges like in flower meadows. …I suppose that God also chose him and called him to his kingdom early on, and surely there, with his authority and ability, he holds a school lesson and captivates the hearts of angels.
Every thought I say about him and his greatness as a teacher is small, maybe up in the Kingdom of Heaven he will hear this voice of mine: “My dear teacher, for everything, just for everything, thank you infinitely and eternally.”
© Slavka Bozovic

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