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Shweta Prakash Kukreja (Category-Short Story) (My Country My Pride | Certificate of Appreciation)

They were observing Traditional Day at Hampshire Square. All Indians spruced up in ethnic wear ,Indian tricolor all around, Bollywood melodies in full volume … all done to make a mini India inside the hall. Independence day was celebrated with incredible pageantry and show each year with all NRIs flaunting their patriotism.I was the guest of the night as I was awarded by British government for my work on biofuels.

After the Flag function the secretary addressed the guests,”Im consistently loaded up with extraordinary pride at whatever point I present myself as an Indian.We are those pack of blossoms whose roots were doused with water of qualities and traditions,nurtured with manure of affection and empathy,where we’re grown under the shade of Ramayana and Gita.It is our versatility which is a part of our lives that we Indians earn good reputation for our country wherever we reside.Today I welcome Dr.Shah for making us more elated,making our nation more proud by her contribution..”
An uproarious hail invited me on the stage.

“Hi everyone,before I start with my thoughts I just want all of you to answer my question.When we state my country,my pride… what do we really mean?If we as a whole were so proud… then what are we doing here? What our alleged homeland has given us? I was welcomed with dejection and nourished with segregation and stereotypes as I was a girl.I was watered with mockery and disdain for being dull skinned.A nation where Goddess Lakshmi is adored yet young ladies are assaulted ruthlessly. A country where being a female is the greatest sin… where females are considered as a subject of family prestige instead of a human being.My achievement of clearing IIT was not celebrated however my sibling’s graduation in commerce was.
I was the only female student among hundred males and instead of regards, I was derided and faced misbehaviour of fellow students as well as my instructors.

You said that our nation is our pride… how might I be loaded up proudly for a nation that deceived me.I was harrassed by my own husband and his family… and rather than equity I ruined six valuable long years of my life running around courts.My own parents were embarrassed about me… .society consistently censured me for divorce.
A nation that never esteemed me,my capabilities..Never gave an opportunity…..I apologize for harming sentiments of all of you… yet my injuries are profound… so can’t echo this slogan with all of you.”

And she abandoned a silence.

©Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

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