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Sarala Balachandran (Category-Poem) (Betrayal | Certificate of Appreciation )


They were in the teens

Blood was hot and emotions high

They admired each other

As both of them scored high marks

And it was time for college

She grew up to be a beautiful woman

And both climbed high mountains

A passion they loved !

It was on the valleys down

They confessed their ardent love

And he caressed her with passion

Eventually she surrendered to him

In the green valley where emptiness echoed!

After couple of months she disclosed

he is going to be father of the baby growing in her womb !

With no expression on his face

he bid her goodbye forever

leaving her in an abyss of sorrow!

Her parents read her feelings

and hugged her with love

The betrayal never bothered her

When she gave birth to a lil girl

And her attention diverted

And forgot him forever !


Sarala Balachandran



united ink

United By Ink

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