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Rita Badhwar (Category-Poem) (Grandmom’s Tales | Certificate of Appreciation)

Ooo..Granny! My cute nanny,
How I miss you gifting me penny,
Used to cuddle in your spongy lap
Listening to stories taking a healthy nap,

Where have you gone..?nowhere to be seen,
Ooo.. my precious one where have you been,
There is no one with whom I can share,
My deep rooted sorrows need your care,

Every moment my eyes keep looking for you,
Amidst the Nature expecting to get your view,
Yeh! Figured you,can feel your presence truly,
Your sweet voice & fragrance charm me fully,

There is a faint outline in my imagination,
Unfortunately can not see you now in person,
Shower your blessings from the heaven,
Hope we can reach our cherished destination,

@Rita Badhwar

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