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Rijak Kaur Sarla (Category-Short Story) (Grandmom’s Tales | Certificate of Appreciation)

The sweaters clad boarders in the Nainital cold assembled in the hall. The children were leaving for their summer break today. Everybody was occupied. In the crowd, however there stood a girl nonchalantly, Ashu. A clique of girls went to her to invite her to the discussion.”Finally, we’re leaving this arctic place. You know what we’ve planned a trip to Goa!”,Devani said. “Wow!”, Meeta croaked. “What’re you doing this summer, Meeta”, asked Devani. Meeta said, “As always, restaurants and TV.” Devani erupted in oohs on listening that. Yet amongst them, one feared the same question. Ashu wanted to run away and she was lucky enough. The students were called to board the buses. Ashu rushed and sat down. She looked out of the window to divert her attention from the circumstances she was nearly going to face and thanked God that she’d got away with it.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. It was her friend, Mannu. Ashu greeted her with a smile and felt more comfortable. However, unexpectedly Mannu asked,”What’re you doing this summer?” There was no way out of this. She’d to face it now. “Hmm…I’m going to go to my Grandma’s place”, Ashu replied. Mannu grew suspicious. She said,”I’m sorry but as per my knowledge your Grandma is no more.”

Ashu lowered her eyes and resisted yet a tear rolled down her face. She said,” You’re right yet I’m going to go to Grandma’s place. Although I’ve never seen her but still I’ve an idea of what it’s like to go to your Grandma. We live as per our wish, Right? I’m going to skim through the pages of her dairy to read my Grandma’s tales that she left to me as a souvenir of visiting her whenever I liked.”
Copyright©Rijak Kaur sarla

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