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Richa Nagar (Category-Poem) (Confusion | Certificate of Participation)

Confusion of a teenager…😊
Confusion started As I growing old…
Here I feel slight change in puberty..
Here i feel my dreams getting liberty..
But yes, one thing common in all..
My rituals are there and I am taking decisions with maturity.
Still Confused As I growing old…
A tension is moving around my head to choose new stream..
As this is the first step to move ahead towards my dream..
But yes, One thing common in all..
I will indulge in new stream very well…
Because I am grown up now and came out from my shell.
Confusion still there As I growing old..
A wave of new excitement is rising in my mind..
But for now, I will hold those excitements and do them bind.
But yes..One thing common in all..
The spirit to do something will be same…
There will definitely come a day when I will earn a lot of fame..
Here Confusion Ended As I growing old..
I have taken a pledge that I will do my best..
Will move forward with happiness and not bother for rest..
But yes, One thing common in all..
My parents are reason for success of mine and they are my sunshine..
As I growing old..As I growing old
Copyright- Richa Nagar

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