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Preeti Choudhary (Time Contest | Epoch Ranter Award)

Time flows straight, and the rivers always popple,
Either slowing down or stop to a popping stopple,
Or racing like a cow with a thistle and a leather hopple,
Be watchful, its a difficult terrain, you might topple.

An encounter with rocks, large stones in the river,
Small pebbles, that’s causing everything to shiver,
Time for a roller-coaster with some passing quiver,
Its all ready, its all done, a perfect time to deliver.

Time to rejoice over a wedding that would be due soon,
Or a new baby who’s bright future would headway to the moon,
Or a new business that would turn out to be a big boon,
Or just relax at the beach, with own-self and just croon.

Time to traverse the path in a few jumps alone,
As if cavorting from one rock to another stone.
If the move is in small paces, over the pebbles thrown.
Take joy in small things, the beauty of autumn zone.

Time to get thoroughly soaked in the hot bright sun,
Or enjoy a good chat, or an engaging conversation,
So later, on retrospecting over all you’ve spun,
Relish your own pebbles, traces of what you’ve done.

When you do-you love to do, seek the ringing coin of time,
Or when you spend time with friends, the time would chime,
Time gets dragged when you’re in distress, or work overtime,
Or when in solitude, Time stays behind for clearing the grime.

united ink

United By Ink

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