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Not a Curse!

Thinking is not a curse
It’s a blessing
most people ain’t blessed with
It only feels like curse
people fail to understand you.
And because of that
Don’t allow others to make you feel mystified
About the same,
That’s not a negative aspect
It’s no faze, just a rough path
to get better understanding of things,
which ultimately gives you wings.
It’s a strain,
deserves to be treated with more care and respect.
There is no such thing as
“Over thinking”
So, nothing to regret.
happens, when people don’t use brain
in the right direction
because of which energy drains.
Only few are endowed enough
To think deeply,
To feel deeply,
To understand deeply,
which makes them only wiser.
As they take nothing lightly
deal with them more politely
they just need an good adviser.
By such grace
they obtain better apprehending,
than any other being.
Who doesn’t pay attention to the small details,
can never come across the idea of
what melodies life really brings
In these “little things”.


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