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Mir Samsul Haque (Sound of the rain Contest | Certificate of Excellence)


Rain with its manifold manifestations brings about an elemental change
On my casement window it glides with unfathomable feverish race
Sparkling raindrops like infinite elusive mirages
They herald a new life, brims again my grim face.

Rain lulling the arid earth to sleep after a prolonged murmur
On my window it paints a visage of slim river flowing with mild rage
The smudged window pane with isolated iron bars
Seperating slyly the skyline, through them when I gaze.

Rain with its splendiferous effects on my stirring soul
The pitter-patter sound of raindrops dissolves my wobbly woes
Scattered splash of rain, being evanescent yet it plays a vivacious role
Falling like Autumn leaves, resuscitates my fallen breath, no more rues

Rain so rapturous healing a melange of my boisterous affairs
On my window of heart it leaves an indelible trace
Storing rainy fantasy as it takes an exit from doldrums of despair
Drops of pangs abruptly stop, tear disappears from my face.


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