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Indu Nandal (Category-Poem) (Exam| Certificate of Excellence)


If me you will ask,

exams are always an uphill task.

Everyone  is affected by examinations,

they are held  across the nations.

To help their kids mothers become technologically savvy,

forgetting all about their soups and gravy.

Kids are advised to put heart into books,

and not to bother about their looks.

Minds are reading physical and political maps,

day and night books are in laps.

Students sacrifice their nap,

in the desire to add a feather in their cap.

All are busy studying Othello,

without meeting or saying a hello.

For hours they don’t step out of the room,

busy learning who first stepped on moon.

To prove their worth,

Kids learn all about Wordsworth.

They sit in isolation,

learning the concept of insulation.

Playing becomes thing of past,

Everyone wants the exams to last.

Our duty is to make learning for kids fun,

convince them that they are better than Newton.

– Indu Nandal


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