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Hamida M Hakim (Category-Poem) (Rainbow | Certificate of Excellence)

A rainbow  in my pocket
A rainbow in your eyes
Mine is lost somewhere
Yours never dies.
Mine is up tight with arrogance
Yours is bowing with respect
Mine is fading in thin air
Yours is shining even in despair.
Mine is just a phenomenon
Yours is breathing like life
Mine is just a thing to glare
Yours got feeling and the flare.
If not the whole thing
Do you mind, sharing  a bit
Some colours more or less  will do
Let me have some of that laughs and cries
Let me have a bit of a rainbow
 that never dies.

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10 Comments on “Hamida M Hakim (Category-Poem) (Rainbow | Certificate of Excellence)

  1. true lines, in male dominating society.
    Ending is also inspireing by setting one more example of adjustment and priorty to maintain relation.

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