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Gurmeet Singh Sarla (Category-Poem) (Grandmom’s Tales | Certificate of Appreciation)

Every year I used to eagerly wait for my summer vacations,
Coz I got to travel by train to Firozpur station.
A small little place, the farthest point of our nation,
Where lived my Grandmom, God’s cutest creation.

Whenever we gathered there, we had a feast,
Four mangoes at a time, I used to have at least.
All of us used to request Grandmom, to make our favourite dish,
Mom also for some reason here, never used to object to our wish.

Everyday here was a celebration for us, with papad, salad and delicious food,
Mom also for some reason here, was always in good mood.
All day we were unstoppable; played hide and seek, carom and video games,
Despite all play and no study, we ‘guests for a few days’ won acclaim.

After dinner, we all gathered in the Grand Mom’s room,
The old lady was so full of energy, she still was holding a broom.
All of us climbed onto her bed, eagerly waiting to listen to Grandmom’s tales,
It was all about Ashoka, Dashrath, Krishna and sometimes it also featured a monorail.

Listening to bed time Grandmom’s tales; we looked forward to it everyday,
Shaktimaan was our favourite super hero, what do you say!
Sharni, Mohni and Pali were all typically funny Punjabi characters,
Everyone used to laugh out loud, and the loudest was my sister.

Today when I look back, I miss those good old days,
The frail, old lady used to look after us so well in her own sweet ways.
Today I’m here but she is not and I terribly miss Grandmom’s tales,
Give me another chance to grow up once again, by some countervail.

Copyright Gurmeet Singh Sarla

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