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Gurmeet Singh Sarla (Category-Poem) (Eclipse | Certificate of Excellence)

The world was brought to a standstill by a small little virus,
Man who thought himself as bright as Arcturus
As exorbitant as Aurous and the most righteous,
Was proven to be ridiculous and the virus mysterious.

All were roaming around with a mask,
Waiting endlessly in the sunshine they bask
Men felt captivated at home with the liquor they held in their casks,
And women were as usual busy with their never ending tasks.

Things of the past became eating out, partying hard, singing and dancing
The mantra of the season was social distancing,
The government was coercing but the virus was advancing,
The efforts of corona warriors were coalescing and the patients were convalescing.

Everyone stayed home and hoped that it is just a temporary blip
Anchored ships will one day sail or is it the failed Mission Cripps,
All of us although delayed, will go for our planned trips
This too shall pass Rij, it is just an eclipse.

Copyright ©Gurmeet Singh Sarla

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