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Felicity Anne Flores Santos (Category-Article) (Betrayal | Certificate of Appreciation)

True friends are really hard to find. You can have a lot of friends but you can’t be sure if they’re good and trustworthy.

Having a friend in your life is such a sweet thing. It feels good to have someone you can laugh and enjoy every moment with, someone who can keep you company, makes this world a happier place and make every situation bearable enough.

They are like treasures, too hard to find. But, once you have a real friend, you must cherish them forever. Not all treasures are true, some can be fake and so as friends. Beware of those wolf hiding in a sheep clothing, just waiting for the perfect time to stab you while you’re not looking.

Fake friends are those who’s heart is full of hatred, envy, greed and lust fills their mind and soul which leads them to betray people for their own survival and interest.

Betrayal is much painful if it comes from whom you trusted like friends, family, and special someone. We’re most likely to forgive our enemies for being harsh on us more easily but not to friends whom we trusted so much. When they betrayed us, it’s more difficult to forgive them and forget the pain they caused to us..

The more you know a person, the harder it is to forgive them because they break the trust you have on them. Trust is like a piece of paper, once crampled, it can be flattened again but it won’t ever go back from what it is before. Same with a broken glass, we can’t put it back together again. That’s why it’s hard to bring your trust to a friend who betrayed you, and it’s hard to forgive them from being a traitor.

Pain from betrayal can cause a person to have trust issues and lose their self-esteem. It can make them question their self’s worth and capability. It’s a great loss and sometimes causes stress and depression.

Betrayers may feel smart as they put their self on top but guilt will always chase them. Betraying won’t do any good on people’s life, it will just cause loneliness for losing a true friend. The scars left on your heart will be the reminder that not all friend should be trusted, not all of them are true. They can betray you if you’re too innocent with their deceiving techniques. You can’t always be naive. You can’t always be a fool. Be smart enough to choose the right person we should give our trust.

We can’t control people’s ambitions and lust for fame, money and power. We can’t stop them from betraying, but forgiveness will always be the key to have a peaceful mind, heart, soul and smooth life.

Yes, it’s hard to forgive easily. But, always remeber that always trust the process, time will let you heal the wound they caused you. Accept the painful truth of betrayal and learn to forgive those who have done it.

©Felicity Anne Flores



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