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Even Racism Is Among People Of The Same Race

Racism is strongly believed by people to happen among people of different race, mostly, the whites and blacks. Cognizantly, racism isn’t tied and bound to people of different race only, it happens even among the people of the same race.

Have you ever been to an appointment, to apply for a job, but with every credential you own you aren’t applied to the job? Have you ever been punctual to an interview but you weren’t interviewed, instead someone who isn’t as proficient as you, and even met you there eventually got interview and given a job? That’s racism among the people of the same race.

According to the history of racism, those that are being racially discriminated are deprived of the basic things to their lives. They are seen as someone who are meant to feed from the Welfare service not their own dexterity and talents. They are, and will always be short of job opportunities. Do you know the reason behind the quack job opportunities? They are being deprived of standard education, thus kindling off their talents and skills.

Now, there are just little differences between these racists who discriminate other race, and “racists” who discrimate their own people!

It’s now been an acceptable, moral and legal way for graduates searching for jobs to undergo these legal rites. Totally despicable! Ladies with “good” structures are confident of being applied to various jobs than ladies with “good” certificates. Employers don’t longer look for employees with dexterity, they look for employees with beauty! Employers don’t longer search for employees that are stunningly intelligent, they search for employees that are stunningly cognizant! Men don’t want to marry ladies who are religious, they lust for ladies who are totally gorgeous! How contemptible! These are racism that hurt the most.

The amount of decades and centuries that pass won’t suffice, unless this vile racism has been disposed and trashed! The results will be the same~~ Incompetence. No matter how long, if the racism still stays, we will solely be contingent on Incompetence. What do we expect to be the result of employing people who depend on make ups and chains for beauty, who have no brains for the development of the entity! The reason developments are crawling in some countries is that the people with high IQ(Intelligence Quotient) have been replaced with people with high followers on IG(Instagram).

Unless we ward off and bring this racism to an abrupt end, the world’s proficiency will be at a very low figure. Together, warding off racism can be stopped. Let’s do so together and see the results.

By Sunday Saheed 

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