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Emmanuel Azenda (Sound of the rain Contest | Certificate of Excellence)

Is a call of mother that showers with bliss

A sweet melody tone, awaken new born to rise, flora to germinate, and to get see of the colorful smiles of the features above the cosmic portion

A sparking sensory to the entwined bonded heart that ignite soul to blossom

A reminder to one, to get know of water has no enemy

A sound of clock, letting know of season goes in time

A tears of joy seems a heartbreak,
Perhaps, in a surprise way like boom!

A music to the flora,
Dancing under the shower in conceiving much to yield

A voice of the playing children, living freely and happily that money can’t buy

A sound of the rushing stream of love from the silent joy of the ocean

A tell to one, you’re not alone

A whispering of life in a beautiful aura

A teacher’s voice, learn from me to clean off one’s pain

A call for humanity, peace and love

A sounding footsteps of inspiration, cometh from the pie in the sky.


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