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Dr.Sailabala Dash (UBI Flight of dreams Contest | Certificate of Participation )

Dreams are seeded under the open eyes.
Life starts with a soaring soul of high flies.
Dreams sprout wings as the days grows with glow.
Age and agility offer power to the flight of dreams show.
A push or a pull with a cheer up gear .
Flight of dreams start with aiming both far and near.
Flight of dreams can’t take off in a lazying mode.
Flight can’t start sans a power packed action code.
Flight can’t start only when action plan mode is on.
Flight of dreams starts with action plan implementation.
As you seed,so you may reap.
Flight of dreams cost too heavy, it’s not so cheap.
It costs sweat of the brow,many midnight’s sleep.
Sans burning midnight’s oil,it may warn with an alarming beep.
If goes unheard, flight of dreams may not start.
Later it may affect the mind and the heart.
Dreams do fly with a certain flight mode.
Flight of dreams may make life worthy,with a certain dream code.

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