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Dr.Sailabala Dash (Haunted house Contest | Certificate of Excellence)

Fearful affairs have to be there in the life’s plan

Life may be fearful, but need not be tearful a scam.

Life has to be an admixture of adventure and emotions in the whole life span.

Ghosts are our creations ,it matters little whether we believe or not in  them.

Who doesn’t love to listen a ghost story ,be it  true or mere false a game!

We coin the ghost story to give a thrill and chill to our own spine.

You may act smart,it may run as a chill down the spines of the other nine.

In a rainy evening,when the light plays hide and seek,

The shadow comes to play with all the illusive gimmick.

We host a ghost with its all skeletal model.

We welcome a bony cage, with  all muscles get shriveled.

We love life, subconsciously we all love death.

Life may betray, death must embrace with love and faith.

We all carry a scary skeletal bony cage.

Still we love to imagine ghost as our own . image.

We all do carry ,we all are the hosts of ghosts.

Our body is the haunted house, of which we all do boast.

Let not carry devilish thoughts,ghost in the brain at least.

Let us be human with humanity ,let not have poorer performance,worse  than the beasts.



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