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Dr.Sailabala Dash (By The Sea Contest | Certificate of Participation)

To be or not to be,
There’s the tug of war within since eternity, we all are so aware, we all can see.
To dive into the deep sea,whether to take a plunge or not,
There’s the tug of war, there are many tussles of thoughts.
By the sea,there are tides and ebbs causing so much noise,
Still mind finds serene tranquility , so it enjoys.
The breeze bridges the gap in between if there’s any at all.
Being at the shore,the soaring soul takes a plunge like a sea gull.
Many pearls and corals it collects as a memorandum treasure.
Many literary commissions and commotions are churned out to born with pleasure .
When a high tide comes too close and breaks,
Sprinkling water droplet soaks our thoughts and shakes,
Ripples of ideas form too many whirlpools for the soul sake,
Askance plunges into the self introspection in serene solitude within a sceptical labyrinth for the self,that one makes.
Shores do see many footprints, got erased with too much anguish.
Still soul wants to enjoy the noise, with serene tranquility and unperturbed bliss.


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