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Dr Sailabala Dash (By Blackout| Certificate of Appreciation)

Black knows no hue.
Black sucks all colour and light and that’s its due.
Black out gives a sudden shock.
A jolt sans being aware and conscious.
When mind feels no feeling.
The soul is ailing.
The brain gets a stroke.
Sudden deprivation of calorie and oxygen in bulk.
Eyes can’t see,ears too can’t hear.
Lips can’t speak, its function is so poor.
Can’t reply back to whoever,near ,dear and peer.
Brain can’t respond to happiness with a cheer.
It’s too indifferent to anxiety and fear.
A state nearing death,
Sans any confidence or faith.
Blindfolded or a state of equanimity!
Black out is beyond all explanation with clarity.

united ink

United By Ink

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