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Dr Rinjin Rinjin (UBI Mother Earth Contest | Certificate Of Excellence ( Poetry) )

Title: Live and Let Live
Look at the snow meting
on the mountains
Giving birth to countless
Fresh rivers rushing to the
Oceans painting our
planet blue
Life abounds everywhere
On the mountains and in
the air
In the valleys, deserts and
the plains
In the creeks, rivers and
the oceans
Listen to the windʼs
whisper in the trees
The sound of waves
splashing on the shores
Busy honey bees buzzing
in the summer gardens
Millions of birds singing
multitudes of melodies
Arenʼt these creations of
Mother Earth wondrous?
Are we not her loving
children too?
Havenʼt we, the humans
tortured her enough?
How long can we go on
Mother Earth is chocking
with poisoned air
She is crying tears of acid
She is feverish with global
Minions of her children
are going extinct
All these just because of
us, the humans!
Dinosaurs and mammoths
had come and gone
Soon weʼll share their fate
If we donʼt live and let live sustainably
Copyright ©Dr. Rinzin


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