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Dechen Dorji (UBI World Environment Day Contest | Certificate of Participation)

Long lost tree

Son and father toiled through thickly woven woods
On a day of scorching sun and sat underneath the shade
Son! Do you feel unperturbed beneath this tree-shade?
“Why not father. Who planted this tree must be in the heaven.”

Someone told me yore, if we plant a tree now
There will be somebody who will sit like you and me under the shade
And I did it, so we sit here today.
I wish your mother must be wondering upon us.

Unsung hero of tweeting birds hums melancholic songs
From a far, while people bowdlerized down the tree
Unlike those, I continually come here to eavesdrop her songs
And set all my desolation, despair of losing wife and glitches free

Few years later, when son walked down to the tree shade
He could barely perceive the dried root of tree, where it has gone?
Merely minute wooden hut sitting on knoll longing for shade
No birds sings, no animal rest here, so we human doesn’t.

We cut the trees to make something new we want
But we threatens the lives of birds and animals too
So, human agonized later, and encroach to plant
And bring back long lost forest back, by young generations.



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