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Book Review – Something I Never Told You

Something I never Told You

My read in the month of February, The story is told in first person by Raunak aka Ronnie. He is in love with a girl named Adira who stays as a paying guest at his grandmother’s house. Raunak is a very simple person and is very shy in expressing his feelings to Adira. His cousins tease him as he becomes tounge tied whenever Adira appears before him. He gifts her a beautiful bracelet on her birthday but the credit is taken away by someone else. The fist half of the book takes you through a loveable journey and feelings of Raunak towards Adira.

The latter half of the story has Adira come into Raunak’s life again when she joins the same workplace as a trainee. Raunak’s luck shines when they both are placed in a same project in Australia. Raunak in this phase is characterized as jealous and a person with insecurities. He makes things complicated between Adira and him and is confused whether this relationship will work. Life gives Raunak a second chance by bringing back Adira into his life, but will Raunak make the most of it?

The author has stuck to a simple narrative and has made use of places like Delhi and Australia as romantic destinations. The story goes slow initially but picks up in the second half. The characters are relatable and drafted efficiently.

The book cover is beautiful and the title urges you to pick the book from the shelf. It’s a light read for all who love to read Indian romantic fiction.

To find out more about the climax, pick it up from a bookstore near you.

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