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Book Review – A Bouquet of Emotions, Tugging Heartstrings by Rajani Nair

As the title of the book suggests “A Bouquet of Emotions”, Tugging Heartstrings, is indeed an amalgamation of tributes and emotions. The author has stuck to simple language and has beautifully woven it in the form of poetry.

The book is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and each emotion is curated with utmost clarity. The poems range from life relationships. It begins with a poem dedicated to the mother with an alternate rhyme scheme (ABAB). The author has used various rhyme schemes like the simple four-line rhyme, free verse and the alternate rhyme scheme.

She has invoked all the emotions and the reader can relate to every emotion which she has shared in the book. You tend to go back on memories about these emotions when you read certain poems about friendship, mother and brother.

Though poetry is not everyone’s forte to read, I highly recommend this book of poems as Rajani Nair has eased off the content with simple sentences and poetic words. The book cover says it all and you would certainly not put it down if you are a poetry lover.

My favourite poems “Friends”, “Independence”, “Mother Earth”, “The Patriot” to name a few but each poem is worth a read. The author ends the book with anticipation and hope that she will shine through and gratitude to the readers which is very welcoming.

A must-read for all the non-poetry lovers as you would fall in love with poetry for sure and for poetry lovers, it goes without saying, pick it up from a bookstore near you or tap your fingers and order the Kindle or Paperback version from Amazon.


2 Comments on “Book Review – A Bouquet of Emotions, Tugging Heartstrings by Rajani Nair

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    Thank you very much Divya, for such kind words. I appreciate it and am happy to know that it is easy to understand the emotions penned. The idea was to make the reader own them.

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