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Akinyemi Jelili Oyelere (Category-Poem) (A Special message for My Dad | Certificate of Excellence)

When I look at the mirror
I see your real image
When I look at your face,
I see ancient happiness,
Your smiling is a bliss,
Your kiss is eternal joy,
You built me like home,
With your love and money,
Father; the moon in my sky,
That gives light to my delight.
You adorned my heart,
With your rare true love,
My adamant backbone,
The crown of our folks,
The pillar of our home,
Foundation of our house,
How will I forget my mirror?
That reflects real me,
With Indelible blessings.
In the noon, I respect sun a lot,
Because of his caring rays,
That birthed me in May,
Father, thank you, for all you do.

©® Akinyemi Jelili Oyelere

united ink

United By Ink

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