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You give,What you hold !

You give,What you hold !

We often get upset,
When we don’t get, what we expect.
Our expectations may not be very high,
But if not fulfilled ,we still sigh…

We expect a phone call,
A helping hand ,when we fall..
A pat on our back,
Encouragement to keep our spirits intact.
Appreciation for the efforts so genuine,
A little applaud for the talent we hold within.

We expect a lovely smile when we enter,
We expect a warm hug from our partner,
We expect respect from our kids,
We expect our parents to understand, for what we did.

EXPECTATION has become a norm of life,
Instead shouldn’t ACCEPTANCE be the ESSENCE of LIFE.
We expect happiness and we find jealousy,
We expect support, but we don’t even find empathy.

We expect love, we expect care…
But why ,the thought of giving the same is rare ?
We expect from others ,what we don’t give ourselves,
To give, to serve, first prepare your mind and self.

Can you give something which you don’t possess ?
So when you don’t get, what you expect ,don’t be depressed.
One can only give, what they hold within,
How can they give, when it was never deposited within.

Never get upset with other’s actions,
Just focus on, your reaction.
When their tanks are empty how can they give you love,
But you can multiply your’s, by spreading your love.

Learn to accept,but don’t expect.
One will share, only what has been kept.
You give ,what you hold,
Choose wisely your actions of bronze,silver and gold.

Fill up the empty tanks,
Accept and respect people, irrespective of their ranks.
When something goes wrong,
Cure it with your magical wand.
The magical wand of love,
Can change this entire world.

By Simrat Kaur

united ink

United By Ink

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