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VITHURA. V. ASOK (Traffic Jam Contest)

My heart beats, at seventy –
two per second,
My lungs jammed with
exploding suffocation,
My legs frozen with Siberian
minus seventy,
My burning destination, nearby
” SUPERMAN’S ” hospital.

My daughter, her seventh
birthday today.
My lone daughter, her arteries
alas ! artful failure.
My friend, her cardiologist,
with final red alert,
My bag not with sweets, but rescue
valves, just seven minutes left.

My fire, no cloudburst will subside,
but clearing this traffic- jam,
My fear, who will ? and how?
even the Almigjty can?
My road, the road I taken, often
being closed.
My God ! May God bless you ! My
dear, GOODBYE 👋.

united ink

United By Ink

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