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Vithura V Asok (Category-Poem) (Eclipse | Certificate of Appreciation)


Vision fainting , memories failing,

An eclispe ensuing, Solar or it Lunar ?

My pyschiatrist noted, it’s not lunar, sure,

No symptom of Dementia, no love declines.

My physician mused, it’s not solar, never,

Still you synthesize the light and darkness.

An eclipse ,only a temporary Alzheimer’s,

“Alzheimer’s, an eternal eclipse” my class -mate laments,

May be a celestial blocking, but my cute blindness,

My brilliant Corona, my blood moon emits hot waves,

Waves of electromagnetic forgetfulness.

Sometimes a greenish blue, sometimes blueish green.

A diamond ring effect, only peripheral memories,

Now the moon tempts away from my hug,

“The New Moon has no moon”, groans my full moon,

The shadow bands of life dance in elliptical orbit,

The eclipse over, yet darkness, absolute darkness here.


united ink

United By Ink

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