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VITHURA. V. ASOK (By Blackout| Certificate of Participation)

Once upon a dark time,

I was a black Prince of darkness

In a dark night in the dark Ages,

Lured by an unknown dark temptation,

I jumped upon a dark horse,

My dark Princess too with me.

…………. 2……………

Our temptations leaped through dark woods,

The deep,dark valleys full of black stars

Our black romance grew dark and darker,

Black flowers bloomed with dark fragrance.

Our dark energy scaled darker peaks,

Till our black fingers touch the dark clouds,

That showered dark drops of ecstatic orgasm.

Darkest poems ever, in black ink we scribe on empty walls.


Our dark dreams now two dark nebulas,

At a dark corner of the black horizon.

When the black sun rose in the dark morning,

We rose from the dark bed of our black dreams,

To see the darkest truth ever in our black life,

White, white here, there and everywhere,

Now we Rest In Darkness under this black mound

Adorned by a dark epitaph inscribed in black letters,

“No divine rays anywhere to darken our DARK BEAUTY”.

united ink

United By Ink

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