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Vince Valdez (Category-Song) (My First Love| Certificate of Excellence)


Young love in the heart of teen

So lovely and never be forgotten

It started with teasing

It ended up with a shame.

Shyness often seen in his eyes

Flirting his lady with a smile

Through the days they’ve been together

Beating hearts starts to change

Missing her when she’s not around .

And in his mind is this lovely girl

Appearing every now and then

Like they were strolling together

Holding hands like for real.

Then one day his dream came true

Filled with love and devotion they grow

A relationship molded young and blue

Forever they are mend to say ” I do “.

First love, first kiss

First of first that you never miss

First love first embrace

First love that will never fade.

Vicente A. Valdez Jr

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