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Vince Valdez (Category-Article) (My Country My Pride | Certificate of Excellence)


Having been born in a country which is the Philippines is wonderful and exciting. My country is the Pearl of the Orient . It is rich in natural resources and home to a known wildlife and fauna such as rare species like Tarsier,the smallest monkey in the world and many more.

I grew up during the 60’s through 90′. Educated in a Rural town where there’s no electricity but life there was a happy simple one. Kids played together with their own ingenuity like games of hide in seek during the full moon. We are kids full of fun but as times goes on the passing of years brought progression in life. I was educated in a public and private school run by Jusuit fathers and nuns. Although books is not much to our own reach, still we have just enough that was rented to us by the school. Learning more depends on you on how you will dose yourself with intellectual know how.

I was fascinated with the fertility of the land where we kids go to the farm to pick up fresh fruits and vegetable without thinking that you will buy it. The farm has had so many edible foods to gather. Mushroom , fishes, shells and marine foods are abundant. I was terribly full of craving so the process of harvest is enjoyable for us

My country’s educational fees during the 70’s was not much. In the city our tuition fee is only Php200.00 ($5.00)per semester. I’m proud that Filipinos love to study. With this cheap education our neighboring countries studied in the Philippines benefiting the excellence of education and English proficiency. Foreign students enjoyed the hospitality of Filipinos without prejudice and racial discrimination. Our graduates produced skilled Engineers, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers and others including technical workers qualified to work in other countries.

With the surplus of competent workers, our country created the Overseas placement where we work abroad to give way to the workers who were displaced by the outgrowing population.
And i was one of them after having skills in highway construction for road and bridges, I went to Saudi Arabia. I was proud that we were considered a part of the countries progression from costruction , health and industry.

After so many years of working with my wife in Saudi as a Nurse , we figure out of building our future in another country where they are accepting immigrants. Saudi Arabia is not a suitable place to live in although everything is free, no taxes but after that is a mess, it halted our work and returning back to Philippines for good has no job for us to lean on so every one of us look for a greener pasture.

Canada is the answer to our prayer. It was easy for us to migrate since we are professionals . What is good in Canada is the benifits, diversity and equality Multi-culturalism is being observed. Though work for expats or migrants denies professionals from working in their own field , they could study to upgrade to become professionals. I’m proud that this rich country offers good life . Education is free, medical health is free. There are insurances that pay you if out of work.
Proud that I have two countries that provides the chance to live a decent life.
Two countries that moldens my success in life together with my offsprings. Countries that help mothers to have maternity benifits like the Federal benifits to sustain mother pay their babysitters for them to return back to work and benifits from the national for the kid’s needs.

I am proud to wave my two countries flags as it symbolizes the prosperity I have and gained right now.

Vicente A. Valdez Jr.

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