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Vince Valdez (Category-Article) (Dreams of a Bride | Certificate of Excellence)


Bride from the very point of view are the apple of one’s eye to everyone. They are the center of attractions in every civil wedding or church’s wedding being held in the county. As a bride who are unquestionably the best thing to happen in every groom’s life are the benefactors of love and devotion. The destiny and the reveries as a couple. They are predistined to one another as failure of relationship hinders everything . Lack of assurance and determination will be justified by their action ,as action speaks louder than voice.

The bride and the groom united to please every family members of their promised. The bride’s wish is to marry her groom and to adjust herself in relationship with her in laws. Bride’s fear is always the parents of the groom as it is the pleasure to be incorporated with the family with humility and pride. Seeing to it that everything’s settled accordingly. A wish that they can survive the daily practice of mingling with them. She must know every details of their lives not to hunt their past, extra careful and not to be tackless all the time. They must live harmoniously in the house taking no prejudice and their obstacles to live peacefully.

Absolutely the bride’s wish as a benedictine become friendly and abstain from fighting with his groom. When she was in relationship before, their emotions always meet as if they don’t want to separate . Everyday separation is like a long period of time for them. She’s hoping that no one change in the course of time.

A bride main objective of having a wedding is to do everything in the name of love. Be humble and gentle, to be patient with one another. As in the Romans12:9 of the New Testament of the bible said, “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

The bride and the groom becomes one after the wedding. Bride wish is to respect and accept her family no matter what. They became family. Honor their religious belief. He should love his wife
And the wife should respect her husband too . As therefore what love has join together, let no one separate. Owe no one anything except to love each other for the one who loves one another has fulfilled the law.. ROMANS 13:8.

The Bride’s dream is to love and to be loved. No one has such a wonderful life if they are happily married . Just married to wish everyone, let the love of the Lord be with them forever and ever.

Vicente A.Valdez Jr.

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