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Vince Valdez (Category-Article) (A Special message for My Dad | Certificate of Excellence)


A man who impregnated or sired a child is a father.He should bring a child on ways religiously in accordance to God giving the right discipline and give him the proper guidance and upbringings. Delegate them what to do and comfort them when trouble comes along their way.
A father which is the main foundation of the home is like a mother who serves as a pillar to compose the real image of a family. He sets standard as a factual ruling for his children to follow. To observe the rules and to obey is a must seeing to it that children are obedient and deligent to play their roles.
The father must support his kids emotionally and physically. Never to abuse them like working as a minor, castigating them whenever they made mistakes through beating and inflict them physically. As they provoke anger. Cooperation is a must. Children should look at their father too.
According to the book of Proverbs23:24 ” The father of a righteous child has a great joy; a man who gathers a wise son rejoices in him.”
There is importance of father to a child, being a dad is lifetime . A father figure to a child seems helpful as the kids have the feeling of security. Not like a child who has no father in the house has less affection given to them. They isolate themselves, bullying takes place, they seldom go to school , they become undiscipline, brusque , never listen to elders and sometimes misguided feelings of abandonent.
With the father besides him, a child has the thinking that he has someone to depend on. His presence in school matters like their concerts and presentations, could boost their feelings. A father who is so busy that he can’t attend school activities , can tend the kids to be lonely, seeing his classmate’s fathers is agonizing for him. He’ll thinking that nonody cares. The emotional well being of a child should be taking care of.
A child too can boast the father status when child is gifted. Excellence in school subjects and other extracurriculars can be a feather on his cap. An involved father creates strength , inner growth and boast their guts.
A father has the obligation to have a family bonding together. Whether in a zoo. Fantasy parks , to a picnic and travel tours. These source of interacting with kids could uplift their knowledge and their curiosity could enlarge the appreciation and apprehension with his surroundings . Studies say that father who are affectionate and supportive promotes child ‘s cognitive and social development.
Father to a daughter’s affection must provide extra care when it comes to their maturity. Guide them during their adolescent period, learning to adjust before turning to become mature The risk of accepting suitors must be discussed as there are many unwanted pregnancy for young adult. Discussion between them could ease worries. Implications to advice them to study first and have a career. Telling them about their future. Same is through with a son. Guidance advices, reminders of what to do and what not to do while they are still studying. Through this we can call him a man, a gentleman and a father.

Vicente A. Valdez Jr.


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