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Vikash Sharma (UBI World Environment Day Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )


You, me and the others may depart from earth,
eventually, of course, no shread of doubt in there.

And what goregeous splendid spectacle we will leave behind,
with deforestration, pollution, global warming, melting glaciers, flaura and fauna depleting day after day,
Well, who has a say?

Que sera sera, murphy’s law or call it what you want,
Whichever feels convenient as per requirement,

Nothing wrong, right?

We may not enjoy the pouring rain off the fluttering clouds, the serene natural greenery, the proud huge mountains, clear blue sky, the deep blue sea and the breathe of fresh air in the future.

For we have already screwed big time,
and screwed up our environment by running after self-created pleasures, our fast moving toys, sophisticated architectures and all that provided a disillusion that humans are the supreme creatures deserving to do what may feel right.

What all that has costed us, anyway?

We laugh our way, complete our cycle and meet the end, as all mortal beings do in similar fashion.

But just for a day, just once,

Think of our mother earth, the rivers, the rains, rainbows, the trees, the mountains, the animals, mammals, plants, food, flowers, insects, the sky, the land we have spent our life on,

Do we owe nothing at all to them?
Nothing. Fine.

Our specie is sort of mean and selfish,
alright, understand,

But then what about our kids, families, friends and their families who have to live their time on this planet?
Aaah. Right question here.

Now as if good sense has prevailed in you and others,
let’s pledge to not screw our planet anymore.

And let’s work together, to make it a beautiful planet for the next generation to prosper, thrive and live a happy good life,

Let’s do this dare,
Let’s start to care!!


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