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Vicente A. Valdez Jr (Category-Song) (Joy of Life | Certificate of Appreciation)



The joy of life exalts our dream

Sharing our heart to fulfillment

And when loneliness comes within

There’s no reason not to seek the beauty of tomorrow.


Whenever you need a friend into your sorrow

Seek around to comfort you

At the end of the day there’s someone to cheer you up

Someone to cling on when life’s tearing apart.


The joy of life brightened the universe

Twinkle the stars to tickle your guts

To face the world with all your might

No shadow of fears, but great smile starts.


Your laughters, your wittiness

Your being open to your doubts

Your wonderful life is all worth it

Like an aura of an ever ending happiness.


Vicente A. Valdez Jr  ( C)

united ink

United By Ink

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    Great Congratulations brothee

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