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Vandana Oke (Category-Short Story) (My Country My Pride | Certificate of Appreciation)

Lisa was always fascinated by the very few Indian students who studied in her University. She was an avid reader and had read stacks and stacks of books on Indian mysticism and mythology. She was intrigued by the land of the Vedas and the land where one can see unity in diversity. Her deep interest in the power of Indian yoga and spirituality made her finally fly all the way from Budapest to India. As soon as she landed on the Indian soil, she was transfixed to the chaotic yet spirited and vibrant atmosphere all around. The immigration officers and airport staff were so welcoming and cooperative. And then the taxi driver who took her around for the city tour was equally cheerful and informative. Lisa relished on the variety and taste of the Indian thali she ordered for lunch. While she was headed to the Yoga Retreat centre, she was admiring the new country and was thinking that because of the vast and different cultures in India, how these Indians are spoilt for choices…. be it food, arts or Gods, they have everything in plenty!
Finally she reached the Yoga Centre where she was going to stay until the end of the month. She was so looking forward to her transformation journey over the next few weeks after which she would be a rejuvenated new being. Her forthcoming days followed a busy schedule. From early morning till nightfall, she would learn, practice, and experience the classic style of yoga, meditation, and would be introduced to primary awareness in Ayurveda and its healthy diet plans. She was loving every minute of her stay here until the night when one of the staff workers tried to assault her. He was from the local village. Lisa was shocked and broken! She fell into pieces but she managed to fix herself together, resisted, battled and was able to escape from her room that unfortunate night.
She approached the manager and the caretakers and told them the horrid incident. That crook was immediately taken into Police custody. The manager and other authorities of the Centre were so shamefaced and crestfallen by his cowardly act. They were highly apologetic and pacified Lisa until she was calm and unruffled.
Lisa wanted to leave right away and go back to her own country. As she sat there thinking about it, she kind of understood that these kinds of incidents happen all the time, in all parts of the world, including her own country. For this shameful act by a lowly person, she did not want to give away her once in a lifetime chance and also the big amount of money which she had already vested here.
So she stayed and completed the rest of her course. The management, the staff and her fellow learners were more careful and supportive than ever, especially towards the safety of women in their premises. They were in actual sense proving the worth of the Indian saying “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “The guest is God” and they continued to revere all their future guests with the same respect as God, just like most of us Indians do!🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

✍️©️Vandana Oke

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