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Vandana Oke (Category-Short Story) (Black Spot | Certificate of Appreciation)

Aman was very excited ever since he received his appointment letter from the top software company in Mumbai. The very thought of a small city lad going to work in a big city gave him a sort of a pleasant kick! He had never stepped out of his city ever. The entirety of his life of twenty five years he had spent in the same city, same neighborhood and the same house. His parents were not too happy with him going away but then it was one of the top companies who chose him through the campus interview at the end of his master’s degree in computer programming. Finally they agreed to his wish as he was overly keen and desirous to go.
Aman reached Mumbai and was overwhelmed to see how busy and boisterous a city it is! Whatever little he knew or saw about Mumbai was mostly through the hindi movies. His eyes glittered with the gloss and glaze of his office. The high speed, sleek elevators made him most joyful ! He stayed in the official guesthouse for a couple of weeks but when it was time to vacate, he was disappointed as he was not able to find an affordable accommodation with elevators in a place like Mumbai. Yes! For him it was essential to find a room either on a ground floor or a building with elevators. He had permanent crutches as he was born with an anomaly with one of his legs being shorter than the other. He thought to himself that in the past fortnight he has felt abnormal and handicapped several times. Back home in his city, his parents had made his home perfectly crutches friendly. During his college degree days, there were always so many friends and people to assist him and help him throughout both, physically and emotionally. Aman felt distressed and forsaken. Even after he found a decently fair room, got caught up full fledgedly in his new job, he could not make or find a good close friend or a companion in this big city of dreams. They were all colleagues who looked at him in pity and dismay.
After six months, when he went home for a break, he decided to quit his job. He came back to Mumbai to wind up everything and left his dream job and aspirations behind.
His decision made his mother definitely happy but his father was a bit concerned as to what is next in store for him.
Aman had already chalked out his next plan of action. He started taking coaching classes for engineering students. Since he was already known as the college topper, students easily flocked in to take his guidance and coaching. Soon the success rate of his students getting chosen into good universities and by big companies went higher and higher. And in no time his name as the best coach beamed across the city.
He rented a huge place nearby to conduct his classes and appointed a few teachers to divide his workload. He was now a prosperous entrepreneur. Meanwhile Aman’s mother had started looking for good marital proposals for him. But all the matches they got were of girls with some or the other physical deviations. “My son will marry a physically normal girl,” she announced. But that day never came. With physical disability seen as a big black spot in our so called developing society, how would someone marry their daughter to a differently abled person. Aman’s mother wanted to break this clique as her son’s monetary and social capabilities were far more superior. Neither Aman nor his mother were able to find such a girl for years… his physical disability is a big black spot in his otherwise successful life. And now after years, even when they are ready to accept a girl with a physical disability, his over age is proving to be another black spot!


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