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Vandana Oke (Category-Poem) (My Country My Pride | Certificate of Excellence)

India my country
My immense pride.
It’s the Land of the Vedas,
which offer vision,
knowledge, wisdom
as perfect life guide.

India invented for the world,
the number zero and Chess.
Algebra, Trigonometry
and Calculus,
for mathematical progress.

It gave humankind
Martial arts, Yoga and
Ayurveda-the earliest
school of medicine;
And born in the river Sindh,
over 6000 years ago was,
the Art of Navigation.

Am Proud of its diverse,
rich and beautiful geography.
It’s culturally vibrant,
and hospitable people,
render the country’s
unity in diversity.
Indian cuisine, the third
most popular in the world;
and the Indian spices,
so opulent in
flavour, aroma and variety.

The Indian Sari, has
timeless, enduring elegance;
and in men’s fashion,
it’s the Nehru
and Modi Jacket
making the prevalence.
Our folklore and Bollywood,
charming everyone
with its dance moves
and musical brilliance.

Among its finest institutions
are the Indian Armed Forces.
I am proud of the
Defence troops which
are true symbols of the
secular nature it endorses.

India, the largest
democracy and one of
the most ancient civilizations.

It is the land of contrasts
and contradictions.
Of patience and frustrations,
Of contentment and
and many such emotions.

There is something in the
Indian ethos,
that even with
its uncountable flaws,
I am proud of my Country
and will remain forever in
its sublime and silent awe!!!

✍️©️Vandana Oke

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