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Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale (Category-Poem) (Tender Leaves | Certificate of Excellence)

Promise Of Tomorrow

As new leaves burst forth on the bleak frosty trees,

It signals a rebirth after the cold and the freeze.

Tender little green leaves peek through  the comforting  sunlight,

Heralding new beginnings with a future bright.

The bone-chilling  winds are a thing of the past,

Spring dots the air with its cheery warmth.

The dew-soaked leaves glisten in the morning rays,

Clusters of tiny diamonds twinkle through the foggy haze.

Signs of life can be seen emerging from everywhere,

Slowly and languorously the Earth is awakening with a flair.

The hardworking ants scurry from under the rocks, The trees shake and Twitter as all the birds to the flock!

Under the azure blue skies,

the Earth shimmers in sparkling green,

Resurgence of life casts all

over a scintillating sheen.

Our breath mingles with the fresh minty air,

We bid adieu to the wintry chill with a dash of


With spring in step, people bustle about,

Hope in their eyes as new lives sprout.

With a determined tenacity, the tender leaves begin to grow,

Nature has for us, as usual, put up the show.

Determination and perseverance, these tiny leaves us to teach,

Resilience against all odds has a far greater outreach.

If we pick up these pointers from nature,

It will do us humans some good, I dowager!

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