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Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale (Category-Poem) (Luminescence | Special Award)


Last night I wandered into a jungle in my dreams,

Luminescent it was with fruit laden vines and flowing streams.

I was looking for something I knew,

It was to see where the tree of happiness grew.


Something stirred deep inside the inky blue darkness,

A figure in a white robe appeared suddenly, his face reflecting calmness.

“What is it you are looking for my child? “

On hearing my query, he softly smiled.


Happiness doesn’t grow on trees nor is it brewed,

It appears when you are blessed with fortitude and gratitude.

Bliss is when you learn how to share,

And seek blessings for the needy in your prayer.


When you are content with what you have on your plate,

Trust me, you are at the serenity gate.

Do you remember a deed you did so fine?

Believe me, you had then connected with happiness hotline.


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