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Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale (Category-Poem) (Journey of a Fool | Certificate of Excellence)

Of Pranks and Laughter

April the first is a prankster’s day,

On the platter are jokes, laughs and even some foulplay.

In England the gob can be fooled only  till noon,

While in Ireland a letter continues journey of the fool.

some where a fish on the back proclaims the day,

Elsewhere, a false story in the paper begins the horseplay.

April, April- is heard in many parts of the world,

Streetfairs and concerts too on this day swirl.

Cream is replaced by  toothpaste  in oreo biscuits,

And salty frosting on the cakes refuse  to quit!

The day is filled with silly pranks like these,

Everyone fools everyone with wondrous ease.

Playing the fool is day’s pastime,

All  the  merriment makes the air with mirth chime.

The day resounds with humour  and laughter,

Memories of fun carry the year on its wings thereafter!

Delighted whoops ring out from all corners of the town,

Believe me, sometimes it is necessary to play the clown;

First of April serves to remind all of us-

To unite the world, a fool’s day is a must!

I have also attached my pic as required.



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